Besides Bookfluencers we also offer promotions for your book with well – known german personalities from radio and television. We work closely with many management agencies of celebrities. Also we will help you to decide, which Celebrity Promotion is the right one in your case.

Whether linking to your publishing shop, online shops or increasing the reach through targeted posts by celebrities – this type of book advertising is new, but highly effective. 

We will get you any celebrity you want for the promotion of your book. Whether it’s from television, professional presentation, sports, beauty or a model of the fashion industry. 

In addition to the promotion budget for a celebrity, we charge the standard 20% agency commission per promotion. 
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Look at some examples of german TV Celebrities and Influencers, we´ve booked for our customers.

Yvonne Pferrer
Pamela di Mata
Evelyn Burdecki
Johannes Haller & Yeliz Koc
Moderatorin Jennifer Knäble
Katja Burkhardt
Anne Wünsche
Saskia Atzerodt


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