Our publishing packages

With us your publications are in experienced hands! To make it easier for you to plan your titles, we now offer tailor-made packages for top titles, with a focus on reach, and mini-packages for small budgets. Each package deal is cheaper in total than single bookings.


Top Title Package

The best for the best: A must-have package for your top titles, which includes everything online that a top title deserves: broad visibility on various channels and platforms, a high degree of interaction and reader activation as well as efficient advertising and press relations – as good as it gets!

The package includes:

  • Release party / book challenge / reader action for the release
  • Lovelybooks premium promotion
  • High-reaching influencer campaign with approx. 50 participants (+200k, Instagram, YouTube, Blogs)
  • Advertising campaigns on FB-/-Instagram-/-Amazon*
  • Creation of special book content: GIFs, short trailers, moving banners
  • Content marketing on the publisher´s profiles (Instagram, – Facebook) during the publication (likes, comments, sharing of contributions)
  • Press release and mailing
  • Campaign reporting included

*without Lovelybooks, without media budget

Reach Package

This package is intended for powerful  titles, for which you want to achieve the greatest possible visibility on social media platforms during their release. We develop individual and intensively supported campaigns with a huge number of influencers and celebrities from the online- and TV world with a high reach.

The package includes:

  • High – reaching theme campaigns with approx. 40-50 participants (+300K, Instagram, YouTube, Blogs)
  • Coordination of competitions
  • Content marketing on the publishers profiles during the publication (likes, comments, sharing the contributions)
  • 1 testimonial from the Medial/ YouTube / TV world for an advertising contribution on Instagram and/or YouTube

Mini Package

What if your advertising budget for all your titles is rather small?  – That´s why we offer the right package even for small budgets and combine a small influencer campaign with a blogger campaign. So you can get a lot for your title even with a small budget!

  • Influencer campaign on Instagram with approx. 20 participants (+100K)
  • Blogger action on FB with approx. 10 book bloggers


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