We publish books that move us and develop products with influencers that inspire their communities. In doing so, we focus on products developed by, with, or for women that help make the world a little more colorful, stronger, and diverse.

You’re a content creator on Instagram or Youtube and have a wider reach on your channel with at least 20,000 followers? Are you dreaming of your own book and already have ideas about what it could look like?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

We publish books for and develop brands and collections with influencers from all sectors. Whether it’s advice books, children’s books or community books such as calendars, fill-in books, books for mothers or about sports and lifestyle – we know not only the book market but also the influencer world like the back of our hand and offer you everything that makes a good publisher. In doing so, we work with the best of the best: From editing to cover design to distribution, you’ll have a strong publishing team waiting for you to make books that inspire communities and storm bestseller lists.

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