Management for content creators and authors

The Management business unit comprises literature management for authors and the management of influencers.

Author Management Germany

In our years of working with authors, we have found that authors often stand alone between their book projects – the frahlingur has done its job with the placement of the book and the books appearing in self-publishing are published without strategic suppor for the German book market.
At the same time, international authors in particular face many questions, such as whether their book or series will sell on the German market. This is where we come in and combine with our author management the classic work of a literary agency and the placement of books to publishers with the advisory, strategic support in selfpublishing.

The management of authors includes:

The strategic guidance and support in all matters of book publishing, book marketing.
Advice on building up and expanding one’s own author brand and name recognition
The procurement of book projects to publishers, contract negotiations and support of authors until book publication.
The consulting and planning of self-publishing projects, both single titles and long-term series.

Our Management service does not include marketing services provided by the agency, such as campaigning, advertising or other promotion of books.

Influencer Management

We see the potential in the creative people who produce creative content on Instagram or YouTube every day. And we want to promote this potential and support them so that, on the one hand, they are well booked and well paid and, on the other hand, they can take their business to a new level and develop it as they wish. Because in addition to earning money from collaborations, own products and brands offer another way to earn a lot of money. Good examples are German influencers like Pamela Reif or Bibisbeautypalace, who have succeeded in creating brands with their own products and opening up other strong revenue streams.

And that’s what sets our management work apart from other management agencies. Our work starts with building your influencer activity into a business with products and a brand that you love and that secures your financial future. At the same time, we connect you with companies and brands you love to promote. We forge close partnerships for you and stand by your side like a rock, even in the biggest storm.

Influencer management includes:

The handling of collaborations, cooperation negotiations, preparation of invoices.
Searching for and approaching new cooperation partners
Negotiating media contracts such as TV shows or even book contracts.
Advice and support in the development of your own media products such as books or podcasts, but also haptic products such as beauty or lifestyle products or collections.

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